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Jimmi Accardi and the Action Zone is everything you could possibly wish for in a band: Great songs, great attitude and great musicians.

The musical bedrock of the band are the songs of Jimmi Accardi — a rich, melodic and downright amazing song book, that takes over from where the great bands of the 60s left off. Great hooks, masterfully crafted progressions, stunning melodies paired with lyrics that will keep you on your toes — you’ll know the songs of a craftsman when you hear them.

The band’s seasoned players bring their varied experiences to a ‘history of rock’ approach to Jimmi Accardi’s long recording career. The all-original shows spans six decades of rock and pop music from jump blues and R&B thru classic rock, commercial pop radio tunes and a nod to Jimmi’s punk anthems.

Whether you are looking to dance, party or simply get lost in the sound of four guys playing magic and meaningful songs then look no further than the Action Zone – they’ve got it all – so we humbly suggest….. get on your feet and get in the ‘Zone!

Band Bios

Jimmi Accardi (Guitar, Keys, Vocals)


Jimmi Accardi is a songwriter, singer, musician, and performer. He brings stunning songs to the forefront with his live shows feauturing great musicianship and vocal harmonies.

His songs are reminiscent of the best rock and pop songs of the early 50s through late 70s, filled with sparkling chord changes, great melodies and yes – you can even dance to the music!

This show blows everything else you hear lately off the charts. You don’t hear music or songs this good on the radio anymore, at live shows, or even at the Grammys; but Jimmi’s got it and doing it with his best band ever – The Action Zone!

For more about here and to visit his site click here




Jonathan Lyerly (Guitar, Guitar synth & Vocals)



My name is Jonathan Lyerly and I am a music addict. I currently play guitar, drums, mandolin, fiddle, and bass as my main instruments, with a bevy of other sound-making devices thrown into the mix. I admit to having my first hit of music at the age of 14, after seeing the Beatles (along with several million other addicts). My mom was my enabler, buying me my first electric guitar. Since then, all I have wanted to do is to be a musician.

My quest to play music has led me to such places as San Quentin prison with “The Lucky Stiffs” (the first punk band and maybe the last to play there), on tour in Europe with funk band “Mr. Thing and the Professional Human Beings”, on the main stage of the Grass Valley Father’s Day bluegrass festival with “Ragged But Right”, and countless other nefarious bar gigs playing Ska, Rock, Old Time, Funk, and cover tunes.

I am currently very excited to be playing with “Jimmi Accardi’s Action Zone”, bringing great songwriting and harmonies back to the music scene. The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!

 Charlie Nickrenz (Drums & Vocals)


Charlie’s In the Zone…
Charlie Nickrenz is thrilled to break out the polka dots for Jimmi Accardi and the Action Zone!

Charlie is a Breeder, a Brother, a Rider and a Liar…
Still new to Northern California, Charlie has worked with the Sacramento Brothers, Halie O’Ryan and Johnny D’s Steelhorse Stampede, Dyin Breed, the Rhythm Riders and Double Shots Deluxxe. When not backing  Lucky Laskowski in the Liars Choir he also drums and sings with Big Iron, the Blues Farm/Scary Okies axis and hits the road with the inimitable Tommy Miles. Charlie just can’t keep a job!
“It’s about the song, not the drummer,” he says, balancing a wicked sense of humor with a ferocious dedication to making people dance. Charlie strives to create a unique feel for each song and style in a band’s setlist. He loves power pop and traditional country equally, Marty Stuart and New Pornographers being his idols…this week!
Charlie uses EV and CAD microphones on his Gretsch Renown drums, plays Tama, Pearl and Ludwig snares with Vater sticks and loves his all-Sabian cymbal setup.

He’s danced with Ted Kennedy and had Paul Reiser as a roadie …
The performing bug bit early, in school orchestra, marching band, theater pit bands and, of course, rock and roll combos. After college Charlie became an in-demand player and teacher in the southeast with Savannah’s Turbo Bros., performing on commercials, booking talent and developing promotional media. He has played rock, funk and folk in casuals and studios and in front of crowds as large as 40,000… or, let’s face it, as small as one! Thousands of gigs and a few lucky breaks got him dates with Toy Caldwell, Susanna Hoffs and Jimmy Thackeray. During his years in Los Angeles with the Shills, he shared lights with Dave Wakeling, Laurence Juber and Billy Mumy.

Steve Sheppard (Bass & Vocals)



Steve Sheppard lives and breathes the four string electric bass guitar, and is never happier than when he is holding down a groove, throwing in a melodic fill and letting rip with a soaring vocal harmony. Steve is a truly versatile musician, however, you don’t have to listen too hard to hear where the heart of his musical passions lies – – firmly in the sounds of the British Invasion.

No coincidence then that Steve is originally from Britain, with frequent wanderings to his mother’s homeland of Sweden – which might help explain the “funny accent”.  He has been playing professionally since  the age of 15 and isn’t planning on stopping any time soon. For three decades he has formed and performed with rock,  blues,  jazz & funk bands across Europe and the U.S.  with the likes of Electric Turtle, The BLT Band, The Herman Nash WindTunnel Experience, Groovy in a Woodshed, The Kat Simone Band, Bagpuss, The Regulators, Dave & The Cool Beans and PSST.

Today Steve continues to ride his musical wave in Northern California. He delights in the sheer amount of music in the community and is “bowled over” to have found his way to the Action Zone – where his passion and talents have found a perfect home  and where he can continue his life-long quest to groove deeper, sing higher – and always to play magical, meaningful music.




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  1. / ReplytommyZ
    Refreshing! Best of luck and come back to Long Island!!!
    • / Replytheactionzone
      Thanks, Tom, I'd love to ... who knows?
    • / Replytheactionzone
      Thanks TommyZ

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